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                   WELCOME to "PSYART" homepage! the most psychedelic site on the net.
                   this site include many psychedlic and computerized art works.
                   this is my best private selection that was made mostly by me during the last year...
                    even though almost all of the works around this site are mine,some of them are not...
                   so please check it out in the "PICTURE INFO" that exist under any picture.
                   This site divided to 8 different sections:

                   Each and every one of the sections connected somehow to psychedelic arts...
                   I found out that its much more fun to view all of this site pictures while listening
                   to some psychedelic music (goa trance for example..)
                   That why i strongly recommend to enter the "PSY TRA-X" first
                   and to choose some hard jumpy psy track! :)

                   -Have Fun and C'ya till the next update!

This site was made by OdeaD [1998]