Hunger  in  Israel 

The price of terrorism is more staggering than many people realize.             
Thirty percent of Israel's children are currently living below the poverty line.
Find out about this situation and real ways you can help right now.               

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Find out about poverty in Israel and the costs of terror   Do Something Now
to help feed Israel's
Hungry Children
and their families

Petach Tikva

Keren Tal Chaim

45 Branda St.

Petach Tikva 49120
Telephone: 972-3-933-3494


Contact person: Rabbi Meir Batiste and Rebbetzin Esther Batiste 

Description and programs:

To provide more help to more people; to reach each child in the educational system and to enable him to participate in helping the disadvantaged; to expand the ranks of adult volunteers, and in so doing enable direct contact between the various groups in society and encourage the feeling of belonging and equality within the local population; to break down stereotypes and build trust between the different groups in society.

  1. Eat and be satisfied - 20,000 food parcels are distributed each month to 400 needy families who have been referred by the authorities.
    2. 120 immigrants from the CIS are now volunteering 4-5 hours weekly in the Geriatric Dept. of a local hospital.
    3. We provide legal advice and guidance in solving particular problems of needy families.
    4. Immigrant absorption through cultural activities and study of the Hebrew language and Jewish Heritage.
    5. Education toward volunteerism in the formal and informal educational systems, reaching thousands of children.
    6. Tours for 200 people as an enrichment activity in Ulpanim.
    7. Help, comprising food and manpower (volunteers) is offered to many institutions and organizations in the community: Enosh, special education facilities, Lions, Emunah, Wizo, and so on.
  • Significant help for hundreds of families in their hour of need.
  • 120 new immigrant volunteers are active in helping veteran Israelis - received the President's Award for Volunteers in 1995.
  1. Education and recruiting of thousands of children for communal work.

We are not affiliated with any political organization.
Rabbi Meir Batist, father of 9, a rabbi in the Academy of Higher Learning at Bar Ilan University, and manager of the ''Shema'' Project, a Hebrew legal service for lawyers and judges. A rabbi in the Petach Tikva Noam Community for Hesder Yeshiva Graduates, he is a man of the Book, of law, education and kindness. He started his educational path during the Yom Kippur War, in Yeshivat HaGolan, and his devotion to both Torah and education characterizes all his actions, keeping him on target. Tal Haim was established to answer a desperate need from within the community. The
Association has used original methods to serve the needy, bringing in many people from all strata of society, while bringing out their best for the benefit of weaker members of society.