Hunger  in  Israel 

The price of terrorism is more staggering than many people realize.             
Thirty percent of Israel's children are currently living below the poverty line.
Find out about this situation and real ways you can help right now.               

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Hungry Children
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Yad Leyedid - Pisgat Zeev
C/o Batya Engelberg
56 Meir Gershon Street
Jerusalem 97860
Telephone: 972-2-6560015
President: Lynn Lifschitz

Description and programs:

Aiding the needy in North Jerusalem with food vouchers, free legal aid, a used clothing store, vouchers for shoes, monetary grants, school book grants, programs for youth aiding needy families. Yad Leyedid started as a committee in a neighborhood synagogue and has expanded to become an organization servicing the needy among the 50,000-60,000 residents of Pisgat Zeev. Yad Leyedid's goal is to create a self-supporting community whereby those who have skills and/or funds can help those in need. 1. Food Vouchers: Yad Leyedid provides food vouchers each month and before holidays; hundreds of families are provided with vouchers worth 100-300 NIS to receive basic food products.
2. Used Clothing Shop: The shop, operated in conjunction with the Jerusalem municipality, sells good quality clothing to the needy at a significantly reduced price.
3. Free legal aid is provided to the needy by attorneys living in the neighborhood.
4. Vouchers to receive children's shoes for 40 NIS are given to hundreds of families twice a year.
5. Local youth are matched with needy families, and they provide help with household chores, private lessons, etc.

  • . Money was raised to allow three children to undergo emergency lifesaving surgery.
  • 2. The municipality's social workers have approved the organization and refer many new cases to the organization for help.
  1. Yad Leyedid works with 200 families, many of whom need our support on a daily basis

Seeking funds to: . Increase in funding for food vouchers - due to limited funding many families cannot be helped, to expand our Used Clothing Shop, and to increase the pool of Emergency funds in cases when immediate help is needed to solve serious problems

Tax deductable in Israel through Mossad Tziburi Number: 941563793

Tax deductable in the United States through PEF

We are not affiliated with any political organization.

Lynn Lifschitz received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Northeastern Illinois University and a B.A. in Hebrew literature from the Teachers' Institute. She made aliyah in 1984 and has lived in Jerusalem ever since. She is married with six children. Yad Leyedid was started in 1989 and registered in 1996 to aid the needy and provide social welfare services for residents of Pisgat Zeev. Lynn hopes to involve the entire community in the organization's projects, in order to help as many people as possible.