Hunger  in  Israel 

The price of terrorism is more staggering than many people realize.             
Thirty percent of Israel's children are currently living below the poverty line.
Find out about this situation and real ways you can help right now.               

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Find out about poverty in Israel and the costs of terror   Do Something Now
to help feed Israel's
Hungry Children
and their families


Noam Shabbos
18 Ezra St.
(P.O.B. 5356)
Jerusalem 91052

Telephone: 972-2-5324619
(no e-mail, no website)
Contact: Tuvia Bukshpan

Description and programs:

  • To assist financially destitute and needy people and families in general - especially those with large families and those whose provider has fallen upon unusually hard times. The organization was founded in 1970 by the late Rabbi Moshe Bukshpan who, having seen the number of poor and neglected people in Jerusalem, dedicated his short life to aid these poor souls. We abide by the principle that providing charity is what sets apart the Jewish Nation. We try to reach every destitute person or family, in order to assist them to regain financial stature and self respect. We provide meals on Shabbat and holidays for the lonely and needy, as well as supplying packages of basic foodstuffs before Shabbat and holidays. Over 1,000 individuals or families are provided with these packages on a regular basis. Thousands of kilograms of matzos are distributed before Passover, with additional meat, chicken and other staples. Sales of shoes and clothing (subsidized by Noam Shabbos) are attended by many families, especially those with many children. We are preparing an interest-free loan project for low income families burdened with extraordinary expenses, due to serious illness, or to cover the costs of weddings, etc. 

We aim to acquire our own building to house all of our present and future projects. Through this, we hope to triple our services in terms of the number of meals provided, the number of food packages distributed, and the amounts of subsidized clothing supplied. We also plan to eventually provide other areas of welfare such as dental care and care for the aged.

Our President has a background in intense Torah learning. At the same time, he was involved in aiding orphans - locating them and properly caring for them by providing room, board and schooling. His late brother, the founder of Noam Shabbos, is his role model, and he adopted his brother's motto: that no family should be wanting, no person should be in need.

We are not affiliated with any political organization.

Donations are tax deductable in Israel via: Mossad Tziburi Number: 580031987

Donations from the USA are tax deductable.  Our  I.R.S. Number is: 22-2284197