Hunger  in  Israel 

The price of terrorism is more staggering than many people realize.             
Thirty percent of Israel's children are currently living below the poverty line.
Find out about this situation and real ways you can help right now.               

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Find out about poverty in Israel and the costs of terror   Do Something Now
to help feed Israel's
Hungry Children
and their families

Links to profiles of organizations and soup kitchens
dealing with Hunger and Poverty in Israel

The groups below have contacted us directly and/or were referred to us by flagship and community organizers
in the Books for Israel Project on behalf of impoverished children in their communities.
This site does not collect or distribute funds but hopes to promote groups who are serving the poor.
We are particularly interested in helping all-volunteer groups.
If you know of another reputable soup kitchen or group that is a recognized and registered charity
providing food and nourishment for Israeli youth and their families,
please contact us with the full information about the group's aims and purposes, the population served,
contact information including website address, and your official tax registry number.
Thanks, Jade Bar-Shalom  e-mail:

To Save A Life  (TSAL)
To Save A Life, is a  charitable, tax deductible, 501c3, volunteer organization. 
Our goal is to provide the opportunity to give directly, efficiently and personally to help the people of Israel. 
US citizens can make tax deductible donations to Israeli soup kitchens and other efforts through To Save A Life.
If you earmark your donation to a particular group within our support list, your funds will be directed to them.

"Yad Ezer Le'Chaver" - through the all volunteer staffed "Beit HaYeled" (Children's House) Yad Ezer Le'Chaver provides
food, clothing, and educational support programs for impoverished children from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druise,
and foreign worker populations in Haifa and the surrounding areas. The group also provides regular food distributions
directly to the schools to provide for hungry children reported to them by local educators and social workers.
All food and labor is donated. On behalf of impoverished families of all religious, ethnic, and language groups in the area,
Yad Ezer also runs a soup kitchen, a food distribution program, a clothing warehouse, a furniture distribution program,
an emergency fund for medical and other needs, and a shelter for youth in distress and the homeless.
This group is strictly all volunteer.

"Belev Sameach"- providing food and clothing to religious Jewish families in Beit El. This group is strictly all volunteer.

"Project Full Plate"-- a joint project of Bank Mazon (a branch of the Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network),
LaSova, and Meir Panim. The project provides food credit cards to enable seriously impoverished families who are largely
living on a diet of rice, bread, potatoes and other starches, and are therefore suffering nutritional deprivation,
to eat a meal of meat, fish, or dairy a few times a week. The project aims to eventually provide food cards for 10,000 families.
Families assisted are those most desperately in need of long term help where the parents are not willfully unemployed
and/or where the parents are employed but at wages that force their families to live on a diet dangerously lacking basic
All contributions are used solely for the purchasing of nutritional supplements. Funds are NOT diverted to hire staff, to establish a distribution center, package, transport or distribute food, etc.

"Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens" -- open 365 days a year, serving more than 200,000 hot meals
per month at 60 locations around Israel. Thousands of hungry school children, children with special needs,
single-parent families, orphans, terror victims, elderly, Holocaust survivors and victims of abuse
count on us for a hot meal every day - their only meal of the day. With 3 central kitchens and only
five salaried employees, we keep our overheads to a minimum: 96% of your donation will reach
the plates of the hungry. Israeli tax deductible status:
Charity Tax Number 58033018-1

"Meir Panim" - soup kitchens, food distributions, clothing and household items for needy Jewish families
and Jewish school children in Jerusalem, Kiriyat Malachi, Beersheva, Dimona, Netanya, Kiriyat Arba, Eilat, Acco,
Tiberias, and Ramat Gan. The group can arrange short term volunteer projects for visiting groups of donors to Israel.

Holon: "Elyon" The Association for the Welfare of Children, Boys and Girls

Petach-Tikva: "Keren Tal Chaim"

Beit-Shemesh: "Lema'an Achai"

Jerusalem: "Noam Shabbos"

Jerusalem: "Yad Leyedid"

Jerusalem and other areas: "Yad Eliezer"

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Friends of Progressive Judaism in Israel and Europe

Meals for Israel –  a Los Angeles based group collecting funds for distribution to food kitchens in Israel.

Lamed-Vuvnik- this website enables you to be a “lamed-vuvnik,” by sending an anonymous gift to a needy person-- taking a token donation and transforming it into a much needed and appreciated helping hand. Although one gift won’t change the world, enough helping hands will.