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Students in Jezrael Valley Thanking Susan & Alex Heckler for their donated book. (Click here)

   An international grassroots effort to provide
   direct help to Israel's students and teachers
   during a time of terror and uncertainty 

The Books for Israel Project is an international grassroots effort begun in October 2002.  

We believe that terrorism is a scourge, a dark sickness striking our planet.  
Sometimes it masquerades as “revenge.”  Sometimes as a “cause.”  
Sometimes as the defense of a religion.  

No matter what the excuse or justification for terrorism, its victims — whether in Baghdad, Madrid, Jerusalem, Netanya, New York, London, Moscow, Darfur, Istanbul, Bali or Manila — are the innocent.  
And most vulnerable of all among those innocent victims are the children.  
They are the ones brainwashed, taught to hate, and pressed into service as bombers, messengers,
and aids to terror.  They are the ones burned, maimed, blinded, or killed when terror strikes.
They are the ones scarred mentally and emotionally.  The ones deprived of a decent education and
hope for their future because terror always drags economic upheaval and poverty in its wake.

It is not enough to mourn.  It is raw injustice to do nothing, and in a time when terror is
striking all over the globe, turning away is a desperate  attempt to deny reality.  
Unfortunately, terror is merciless and trying to shut it out, or appease it, doesn’t work.

Since the 2000 Terror War began, Israel’s teachers and children have suffered the fear and isolation
that indiscriminate attacks impose. Since the 2000 War on Terror began, Israel's small population
has endured the equivalent of ten 9/11 attacks.

Books for Israel is a way for people who care to reach out and help in a direct, simple way.
As of July 2005, over 41 tons of donated English literature and reference books have been delivered
to over 200 of Israel's Jewish, Druze, Bedouin, Christian, Bahai, and Muslim public schools from book drives launched by concerned synagogues, churches, schools, youth groups, community centers, and individual book donors throughout North America and England.   Those books are needed because funds that
used to go to educating Israel’s children have had to be diverted to defense measures to keep them
from being hurt or killed.

This Project is not only about books. It is about standing with all of Israel’s children and teachers.
The book drives and book donors working with Books for Israel “adopt” a school cluster and work directly with the lead volunteer teacher for that cluster. Many of our participants have become international pen pals, and many of our book donors have visited their schools in Israel. The people-to-people work is as important as the books -- maybe even more important!

Be safe everyone! See you soon!!

For more information about starting a book drive and adopting school communities in Israel, please contact
B4I's International Volunteer Coordinator, Rena Cohen, at

To join this project and receive books for building up English Reading Libraries in and in schools in your area,

The TO SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION (TSAL) is a recognized, charitable, tax deductible, 501c3, volunteer organization.
You can opt to specify that your donation to TSAL would be earmarked directly for covering operating expenses of the Books for Israel Project. Write to Jerry Klinger, president, TO SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION, at


From the correspondence between Susan Heckler
And Marianne
Steinmetz Flagship co-coordinator of Jezrael Valley

We are pleased to finally announce that the 1,200 lbs of books collected for the Bar Mitzvah project have finally arrived in Israel and are being enjoyed by the students in the Jezreel Valley.  They had as much fun opening the boxes and digging through the books as our family had collecting them and packing them up. 

Thanks for helping us spread the word.

Susan & Alex Heckler


Many thanks to Alex Hackler and his Mom Susan and for all his congregation's
effort on behalf of The Books for Israel Project in Jezrael Valley

Share in the excitement and joy this project is bringing schools in every sector of Israel.
See photos of children throughout Israel with donated books now available in our flagship clusters:
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Help us keep the books flowing! Help us continue to guide schools in communicating and in exchanging know-how about
voluntary free reading, English as an international language, and inter-community cooperation for democracy.
Help us reach out to more schools in economically depressed areas and to bring weaker and stronger educational
communities together so that our population as a whole can become increasingly mutually-supportive, self-sufficient,
and literate in the international language of communication, technology, and diplomacy.

Donations made through the TO SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION can help us cover operating expenses in Israel (such as
petrol, telephone, internet, printed materials and, periodically, funds to release large book containers from the ports).
TO SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION (TSAL) is a recognized, charitable, tax deductible, 501c3, volunteer organization.
Donations to TSAL help a number of excellent efforts in Israel. You can also opt to specify that your donation to TSAL
would be earmarked directly for covering operating expenses of the Books for Israel Project.

See TO SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION's website at: and our listing there at:


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